What’s cooking in SA

It’s important to me that I travel responsibly on my journey through Africa. This means supporting local businesses, practicing cultural sensitivity, and using public transportation. I will avoid flying within Africa at all costs in order to reduce the footprint created by my journey (plus public transport is just more fun!). Of course, I still plan on seeing all the amazing things there are to see. There is a website that is helping me do this. It is http://www.responsibletravel.com, and it has information on great vacations all over the world that also benefit local communities. It was through this website that I found Andulela. They have tours in Cape Town, which are guided by locals and involve learning about the different communities. There were so many possibilities for cool tours, but I really wanted to learn how to cook a curry. So I took the Cape Malay cooking class. We actually went to the home of local woman and got hands-on experience making sambosas, curry, rotis, and sambals. We also got a guided tour of the Bo-Kaap museum and neighborhood. The money I spent on the class went right into the neighborhood. I even bought some spices at the local family-owned spice shop for good measure (plus I was hoping this would help my curry skills). I had such a great time, and I hope to get a few more tours in before I leave Cape Town.

And by the way, I can totally make a kick-ass curry now! Check out the video https://youtu.be/zHbxyBTrdSk


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