Make new friends

While I was traveling through Africa it seemed easy to find a balance between spending time with people, and my extremely necessary alone-time. Making new friends was easy, since everyone is eager to interact with total strangers while traveling. If there was ever too much partying going on, I could always just wander off somewhere and read a book.
Since coming back to the States, however, I’ve had an adundance of alone-time (read: bored and lonely). I don’t know anyone in the area, and quite frankly, Floridians are not known for their openness.

So how do you meet new people when everyone is so entrenched in their cliques? Enter!
This site is loaded with tons of people looking to get together with others of similar interests. There are groups focused on movies, dancing, gaming, foreign languages, sushi…anything you can think of. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own group. For me this has not only been a great way to meet people, but also a way to find out about cool places or events in the area.

Another great resource for meeting people has been (surprise!) Couchsurfing. Even though I don’t need a couch, I can still interact with the other CSers who live in the area. This is how I found out about a cool place in Miami that has free salsa on Wednesday nights.

These are both great ways to not only make friends, but become more active in your community. I think it’s so important to be a part of the place you live. After all, the energy of a place is going to affect you and your life, so make sure it’s good!


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