Adventures can happen anywhere

So I was feeling kind of bummed about the incredibly slow rate at which I am paying off my credit card. Sometimes I think I’ll never be able to travel again. But wait…how could I be working so hard, but paying off so little of my debt. Oh wait, I know. It’s because I’m spending all my money traveling!

This might sound like a big duh! to everyone around me, but it really just hit me. I just returned from an awesome trip to Colorado and Utah. I visited friends in Denver, then took an 8 day river rafting trip through Cataract Canyon near Moab. A few weeks before that I visited friends in Vermont, and before that it was San Diego. This summer I will be backpacking in Wyoming.

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As I was driving through Colorado (freaking amazing, btw) I realized that I was finally exploring all those places in the US that I always wanted to see, and doing all the things I’ve always wanted to do (hello, whitewater rafting).

I’m lucky to live in a country with just about every kind of climate/land feature/cultural attraction there is. I may not be learning new languages (although I have no excuse for not becoming fluent in Spanish in Miami), or visiting exotic countries, but my life is still full of adventure.

Check out my pictures here


2 thoughts on “Adventures can happen anywhere

  1. You inspire me so much! I love reading your posts and seeing the pictures! I am excited to begin my travels. I hope we cross paths someday! I really look up to you.

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