Denver, baby!

Is one week too early to start professing my love for Denver? So far I am having a fantastic time in the mile-high city, even though it snowed yesterday (May, really?!). Preceding the snow were a couple beautiful spring days. I visited Washington Park on Sunday, which was so different from the first time I visited it. When I came a month ago Wash Park was completely quiet. The kind of quiet that can only occur when it is snowing, and everything is covered in a thick, white blanket. This time Wash Park was vibrant, with people everywhere, birds chirping, and flowers blooming all over the place.
It’s kind of like the difference between Denver and South Florida- night and day. People here are so much more relaxed and friendly, there are tons of small, locally owned businesses, and neighborhoods are older and have more character. Speaking of which, my new residence is a 114-year-old mansion in the Capitol Hill area. It’s a bit run down, but I love its quirks. It is exactly the kind of thing that would be torn down and replaced with a mass-produced, perfectly groomed condominium in Florida. How are people not offended by designer neighborhoods where every house is identical? OK, I better stop myself before I even begin this rant.
The mansion was a package deal that included a great community of friends. My new roomies and neighbors are artists, musicians, students and teachers. They brought me along with them for the First Friday Art Walk, and I discovered some other amazing local artists. Denver is definitely a creative hub, and I am looking forward to exploring all it’s little nooks and crannies.


2 thoughts on “Denver, baby!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re loving your new city! 🙂 Don’t forget: Chandresh and I are close by so let me know when you’re going to come visit us.

  2. Thanks Gosh I finally found you again! I tried for a long time after all your drama with the peace core. I’m glad to know where you are and what you’ve been up to. Good luck with the Oprah vote. You go girl.

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